VTPlug 3G Real Time Online GPS OBD II Vehicle Tracker Review

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  • Allows auto roaming
  • Experience a 7-day free trial
  • Live map is embedded


  • Works with most cars except Mitsubishi


With the pros outweighing the cons, the AccuTracking VTPlug 3G GPS OBD II Vehicle Tracker is an acclaimed product.

A GPS tracking unit is a device that is typically carried by a moving person or car, utilizing the Global Positioning System in tracking and determining exact locations. This recorded location data is stored within the tracking unit, or may also be transmitted to a central location database as well as an Internet-connected computer or into your mobile phone.

This is what you get to experience when you have your own GPS vehicle tracker, especially if you choose the AccuTracking VTPlug 3G GPS OBD II Vehicle Tracker.


  • Is a 3G OBD tracker that is also backward compatible with 2G
  • Comes with a roaming SIM card to achieve best coverage plus data plan and vehicle diagnostic data
  • Works well with Alexa (Echo Dot/Amazon Echo)
  • No auto billing, cancellation fees, contract or hidden charges
  • Easy to install
  • Provides real-time online 24/7 GPS tracking
  • Records 30-day history
  • Lifetime warranty and offers great reception with its built-in GSM and GPS antenna


The VTPlug 3G GPS OBD II Vehicle Tracker is one of the many products of AccuTracking, a brand known to be in the GPS tracking business for over 10 years. This GPS Vehicle Tracker allows auto roaming on several GSM networks in the USA to get the best coverage.

This is also available in over 100 other countries with just an extra fee of $5/month (contact AccuTracking for activation). It offers four packages as well, wherein you get to choose how fast your GPS updates. Further, there are more discounts available for quarterly or yearly payment.

What’s more is that you get to experience a 7-day free trial just to see if this product works well for you. And if you are familiar with Amazon’s Alexa app, wherein you get to ask questions like “where is my car?” or “what’s my fuel level?” then this product is compatible with it.

It even includes real-time online tracking with traffic, making it mobile friendly, as well as real-time online car diagnostics data, temperature, power load, battery voltage, trouble code, power load, and engine load.

In addition, this GPS Vehicle Tracker alerts you either through SMS, e-mail, or online regarding your speeding, fence duration, low battery, Geofence, check engine with DTC, inactivity, harsh behavior ignition/ACC, and vehicle unplugging.

You can also configure the alert notification time, and to keep a 30-day history. There are reports available too, such as stops, time and speed statistics, state mileage for IFTA fuel tax, transits, max speed when in/out of the fence, and daily mileage.

Moreover, a live map is embedded on your own website and you can download data in CSV/KML format. Just remember that when you use an OBD extension cable, you need to check if the tracker can still see the sky, since it may fail to get accurate locations. But no worries though on installing it in your car because it is easy to do.

Just plug it into the vehicle OBD-II port and you are good to go. You can also easily switch between vehicles since this product is compatible with most cars (except for Mitsubishi).


As it was stated that it works with most cars except Mitsubishi, it appears to not be compatible as well with the Honda Ridgeline. Some customers experienced interferences so the product had to be removed. Others just found the GPS vehicle tracker to not be working and updating.

There were other limitations to the product, such as signal loss issues that may be caused by the device, quality, and availability of the carrier signal and location of the device, as well as false device disconnection warnings. Other users also recommended that the GPS vehicle tracker could be more user-friendly and more accurate in following the streets on Google Maps.


Aside from its easy installation, customers are pleased that they get to track their own car on a computer while someone else drives it. They could even follow the car’s route and see exactly where it is parked. Also, you get to choose among the four packages offered in terms of GPS update speeds.

You will also find that this product alerts you via SMS, e-mail or online when it comes to your speeding, fence duration, low battery, Geofence, check engine with DTC, inactivity, harsh behavior ignition/ACC and vehicle unplugging; you will be able to keep track of such things.

It is also a thumbs up that this GPS Vehicle Tracker offers auto roaming on various GSM networks in the USA, and over 100 other countries (requiring only $5/month for other countries) for best coverage. And yes, enjoy real-time online tracking with traffic and car diagnostics data, temperature, power load, battery voltage, trouble code, power load and engine load.


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