How To Install GPS In A Car

How To Install GPS In A Car
Car GPS Tracker Tips

So many drivers would like to learn to install GPS in a car. And since there are a lot of various name brand choices offered, it may be a bit confusing. Mostly because one brand may have a different installation process than another.

But luckily, most electronic devices function almost alike. Now, why do people want to learn how to install such device? Well, for parents, tracking the whereabouts of their teenagers is what they can do.

For businessmen, they monitor the activities of their company vehicles. Fleet managers also get to trace the location of their cargo vans and trucks just by using a single appropriate system.

There can be a short process to follow installing GPS in your car and synchronizing the GPS system with your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

  1. Two kinds of GPS systems exist: battery-powered and vehicle-powered. The former normally has an easier installation since it does not require connecting the GPS straight to the car’s source of power. This kind of system also allows GPS much more flexibility for location assignment in the car. Surely, you still have to check and examine the battery life regularly to make sure the GPS is properly working and could function that way for a long time.
  1. After choosing a brand, ensure that your SIM card does not require a unique PIN number. After that, put in the SIM card to your GPS gadget.
  1. For battery-powered systems, switching the device on is necessary. On the other, vehicle-powered ones require you to follow the instructional manual in order to finish the connection procedure. Bear in mind to carefully follow directions at all times so that warranties are not canceled.
  1. For battery-powered systems, select a unique hidden place where you will put the device. Any location will do, however, try to avoid places near other electronics. That is because it may produce readability issues or annoying feedback during GPS operation. On the other hand, for vehicle-powered options, within the glove compartment or underneath the dashboard is a common location based on what the instruction manual typically says.
  1. Then, set the SIM using the instruction manual so it can transmit and accept data.
  1. Next is installing the synchronizing software on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. This applies to either type of GPS system. Usually, this is done with just a plain executable file in a CD, which comes with the package. You can also access it online with a GPS ID Number.
  1. Your smartphone or computer must include a GSM modem since it is an essentially required for connecting to the GPS system within your car.
  1. After you have successfully installed the software, the instructional manual must give thorough steps in configuring, managing, and monitoring your GPS via your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Do not forget to carefully read and abide the instructions.

More Tips

Here are some important tips to remember in learning the installation of a GPS device empowered by the automobile itself instead of a battery choice:

  • Ensure that GPS system wires are not located in places that can be frequently strained, such as vehicle doors.
  • As much as possible, do not place the GPS antennae at the back of the window tinting where various types of metal are found or even at the back of the windshield wipers’ sweeping arc. That is because it may cause readability or feedback issues. A good choice would be a location following the vehicle radio or close to the steering column.
  • Select a power source that can constantly receive 12-volts, even when your car is not turned on. Or else, problems may arise in the long run.

Getting to know the installation of GPS in a car can be quite daunting, however, it can be done in an easier way than what you might expect.  Just be always careful and sure that you read the instructional manual before anything else.

Moreover, if you are not sure of what you are doing, you can search YouTube and watch tutorial videos that are easy to for the brand you have. Or, you can ask assistance from someone you know is reliable and knowledgeable about such things.

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