Anysun Vehicle Car GPS Tracker TK103B Review

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  • Update positions of a car
  • Affordable price
  • Monitors a range of activities


  • Package does not include a SIM card


Many customers recommend the Car GPS Tracker TK103B. It helps detect anything and everything that your vehicle does.

Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking will determine exactly where something is located. Thus, a GPS car tracker is placed on a vehicle and provides information on its exact location. Not only that, it can track the movement of a vehicle or person too.

Normally, a GPS vehicle tracking system is used by a company to check the route and progress of a delivery truck. Parents can monitor the location of their child as well, or you can track high-valued assets in transit. Many brands have already produced GPS car trackers, and to help you decide which to buy, we will review the Car GPS Tracker TK103B.


  • Has web-based and PC-based software by SMS GPRS
  • Is Geofence supported and provides real-time longitude and latitude, as well as speed and time
  • Reports potential car theft and covert criminal tracking
  • Its GPS device supports phone tracking and eight languages for website tracking: English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, and Thai
  • Tracks excess speed, movement alert, Geofence, and low battery
  • Sends notifications through SMS regarding turning on and off of power and oil system, sensor alarm, arm and door alarm and ACC alarm
  • Supports 4G SD card and TCP and UDP protocol


The Car GPS Tracker TK103B will help parents, business owners and basically, anyone owning a vehicle to have peace of mind in knowing every single activity of their vehicle, even if they are far away. What this product does is to locate places, continuously auto track, update positions of a car, and provide exact street address through SMS. It monitors a lot of activities, from simple ones, to suspicious and aggressive behavior.

You can also be notified of a low battery, or if the car’s power was turned off. Move alarms, arm and door alarms, and even the disarming of the device are also notified to you. Even if there is no GSM network service, the alarms would still work.

So really, even with the simplest act of opening the door, turning the key on, moving the car or trying to forcefully open the car, you are alerted through a message. As a result, you will easily know if your car is in danger of theft or serious damages. You can even check the status of your car and its alarms over your phone, and simply shut off the vehicle if it does get stolen.

And perhaps one of the best parts of this product is its affordable price as it is much cheaper compared to other brands. And its installation? Not a problem at all.

A little knowledge about auto wiring is enough; however, if you really want to be sure, you can always seek help from the appropriate professionals. Furthermore, since you get alerts through SMS, it is user friendly and very hassle free because you do not need a more complicated means to get notifications.


The package does not include a SIM card so you still need to get it by yourself and in your own country. Some customers were also not pleased with the cut-off not working as random switch texts are likely to be sent. What is worse is that this kind of incident tends to happen after 30 days, so those who experienced this can’t return this product anymore.

Its help support is also not that accommodating since they can’t be easily reached, or they do not immediately respond to customer’s concerns. As a result, customers become aggravated and choose to dispose of the device, which is a waste of money.


There were some disadvantages, but still, many customers recommend the Car GPS Tracker TK103B. It helps detect anything and everything that your vehicle does, or that is being done to it. It locates places so you know where your car has been, and monitors simple to the suspicious and aggressive behavior of your car.

You will know if there were instances that the car hit suddenly hit the brakes, was speeding, or made sharp turns or cornered too fast. So if you are a parent, you get to reprimand your teenage driver to be more careful.

As for potential car theft, this device is really helpful. Thanks to this, you will be notified if someone opened the door, started the engine, or if the device has been removed. You can even shut off your vehicle if it ever gets stolen, just by controlling it from your phone.

Indeed, this product will make your life easier and will give you peace of mind. Moreover, compared to other brands, this device is less expensive, meaning, you get a lot of amazing benefits without spending too much. Installing this device is also effortless, even if you have only a little knowledge about wiring.


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